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Toggle is a self service platform that allows you to sell gift cards and experiences online and through your physical locations.
Don't pay until you sell. Easy setup. Cancel at any time.

Some of our Togglers

Having avoided gift card systems for years as they were too complicated, Toggle came along and sorted it out in a day. Dead simple interface and linked to my Zonal EPOS.Dave Stone, By The River Brew Co

Put two hours focus on it and you’ll have it set up and customised with your emails, your expiry and your webshop built and ready to go.James Mobbs, Head of Marketing, Ego Restaurants

The power of gift cards

Get a quick ROI

It’s a no brainer. Access a whole new revenue stream from £40 a month. Getting a good return has never been so easy.

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Welcome new customers. Again, and again.

Harness the power of word of mouth. Your customers will introduce their friends to you with a gift card. Retain and repeat with Toggle.

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More spend per visit

Got a gift card? It’s bonus money so people won’t stop when the value runs out. Plus, the chances are they’re going to bring a couple of friends along too.

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Unredeemed gift card revenue

Though we’d always want customers make the most of their gift card, 20% of gift card value is never actually redeemed, which after an expiry period means additional profit.

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We integrate with

Toggle has features for every side of your business

Sales and Marketing

Skinnable web shop

Toggle comes with a ready-to-go, skinnable webshop that you can start selling gifts through in minutes. The design is clean with a focus on the customers shopping experience.


Digital cards

Easy, instant. Sending gifts digitally means customers can send them directly to their recipient. The gift will be delivered as an email with your brand on, showing a personal message. The customer can also choose to send the gift email to themselves, with instructions on how to print and fold the card to hand it over.


Physical cards

Togglers that sell cards in their locations can see an uplift in revenue of around 40%. We’ll provide your card print company with the unique codes that are encoded to the magnetic strip on the card. Once swiped through your EPOS, we assign the the value of the purchase to the card.

Marketing opt-in (GDPR)

Make more of your data. Your purchasers and recipients of cards will have the opportunity to opt-in for further from you. Collect your marketing consent and download your contacts and import them into your existing email marketing platform.  And don’t forget Toggle is built by Airship, the leading UK hospitality CRM!


Issue FOC cards

Unlock the possibilities that comes from the ability to issue free of charge (FOC) cards. These are often used as raffle donations, as revisit incentive following feedback or a staff or customer reward.


Balance expiry

Set expiry periods on card balances for gift cards and experiences

Customer Service & Order Management

Order & fulfilment management

Fulfilment of physical cards is easy through the Toggle order panel. Orders that need to be fulfilled are placed in a queue. As you open an order the card details, including any personalisation, appears. Just swipe through a blank card via the USB card reader attached to your computer and send off the card.


Card search & customer administration

If a customer has a query on their card you can quickly search out the customer using their name, card number or email address.

Issue FOC cards to resolve customer service issues

Quickly raise and issue an FOC card, either digitally or physically, to a customer through the Toggle dashboard.


Balance expiry

Automatically send expiry notifications to customers to remind them to visit you.

Operations & IT

Toggle integrates with Zonal, Comtrex, Polaris and Orbis Tech.

If your provider is listed above then Toggle can be turned on in a matter of days. We support multi-site accounts so there is complete oversight and segmentation of your estate’s data.

No POS, no problem

Toggle has an out of the box POS Mode, optimised for tablets. So if you don’t have POS, or operate a POS that doesn’t yet integrate with Toggle, simply load up our touch screen optimised POS Mode and get selling and redeeming gifts straight away.

Finance & Admin Tools

Online payments

Your Toggle webshop integrates with Stripe to take payments. Connect Toggle with your existing Stripe account or create a new one as you go through set-up. Stripe deposits payouts directly into your company bank account.


POS reconciliation

Toggle connects with your existing EPOS and supports the sale of on-site gift cards and redemptions directly through your POS. It also plays nicely with multiple sites, so you can see exactly what is going on, site-by-site. All your sale and redemption transaction data is downloadable from Toggle so you can balance onsite sales and redemptions of Toggle gifts.

Balance / liability reporting

Gift cards can get complicated for balancing your books, but Toggle has a built in snapshot report that shows a daily opening and closing balance; account wide or site by site. Broken down by the sales, redemptions, breakages and balance transfers that have taken place each day.


Balance expiry

Automatically draw down balances as they expire to release funds on to your balance sheet.

Super simple pricing

Choose between a fixed rate per location or month, or a percentage of your sales.

Don't start paying until you've made your first sale. Cancel at any time.

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12-20 sites

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21+ sites

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Win new customers and access a whole new revenue stream